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The most common question after completing the transcontinental crossing of Australia was “What’s your next challenge?” The answer at the time was, “Walking!”

Since then I’ve plodded out plenty of kilometres around Sydney streets and trails. 2013 has seen the start of some different challenges – my first official half and full marathons. Some would say the marathon is a stepping down from the 50 / 60 kilometres a day in the middle of the desert in a heat wave and a mouse and fly plague happening simultaneously! Not me! Those runners running at speed for 21 or 42 kilometres are incredible and definitely a challenge to a plodder like me. I can run all day, but fast?

What’s my goal? To finish.

Will I finish under the cut off time? Will I master the art of water grabbing at drinks stops? Will I look ridiculous in a plastic bag to stay warm at the start? Will I even find the start?

I’ll be adding photos and a few tales from 2013’s runs as they unfold, starting with the Paris Marathon in April. Of course for some real adventure reading, look through Beck’s Jog Blog to relive the 2011 / 12, 3038km run from Darwin to Adelaide.

Happy running

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Beck's Profile

beck myors
  • Name: Beck Myors
  • Hometown: Sydney Australia
  • Occupation: Primary School Teacher
  • 2013: Gold Coast Marathon
  • 2013: Paris Marathon
  • 2011/2012: 3038km solo run Darwin to Adelaide, Australia


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